K4A - About Sexual Tourism

Key facts

When you walk along the beach on the Kenyan coastline you will be surprised at the number of couples comprising of young men at their early twenties holding hands with older women. One can estimate the age of these women to be around 60s and 70s. These pensioners tour Kenya in search of young men who will do anything for them in exchange for money.

Young men eye the pension and big money that come after a hard days or nights work. They proudly refer to this relationships with the elderly as ‘kibarua’. The local community around the coast estimates that every four of the six visiting elderly women are sex tourists and are willing to spend all their money on these young men.
Some of these young men are married and their wives know the kind of job they do and encourage them. Interestingly, some couples agree to engage in sex trade on the side: the man seeks and old woman for economic support, while the wife seeks an elderly tourist. ‘Spouse Swinging’ is in vogue at the coast.

Younger women in twenties find their way to the coast to harvest the tourism bonus as they call it. This is a trend coming up and most parents are now worried seeing their sons and daughters walking with an old man as long as he has a coloured skin.
The boy child at the coast is at risk of extinction. They are preyed by drug dealers and sex tourists. If nothing is done to rehabilitate these young men, in ten years time there will be no families along the Kenyan coast line.

The risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases can not be overlooked. Most of these elderly men and women do not entertain the use of condom. The young men have other side relationships (mipango ya kando) and most of them are married.

Sex tourist come eyeing Maasai young men. Most of these young Kenyan men are not Maasai but dress and behave like Maasai. You might find a Kamau or Otieno dressed in Maasai attire to seduce these sex hungry tourists.

Plenty of the part-time sex workers at the coast live a double life. Some are bisexuals while others are gay.

We at Kenya For Africa have decided not play the watching game everybody is playing and we have intiated a way of talking to, teaching and councelling the affected. Our long term goal being to build a rehab center where we will help them from as well as teach alternatives methods of livelihood.

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