K4A - About

Kenya for Africa (K4A) was founded in April 2010.

We are a group of like minded Christian youngters from different part of the country. We have made a choice to joining hands to right some Human wrongs:

  • Malaria:
    In 2008, there were 247 million cases of malaria and nearly one million deaths – mostly among children living in Africa.... 
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  • HIV/Aids
    Since 1981, nearly 25 million people have died from AIDS...
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  • Say No to Sexual Tourism
    When you walk along the beach on the Kenyan coastline you will be surprised at the number of couples comprising of young men at their early twenties holding hands with older women...
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Your voice matters, Your Input matters, Your concern could save a life, Speak Up, Act Up & Help create a modern day book of ACTS.

Our Address:
Kenya for Africa
Rosemary Kahiga
P.O. Box 188, 80202
Gede Watamu Road
Watamu, Malindi, Kenya

The people behind K4A are:

Photo Rosemary Kahiga
Founder and President
(+254) (0) 723 852 607
Photo Joseph Karia
Founding member
(+254) (0) 735 392 180
Photo Grace Atieno Onyango
Founding member
(+254) (0) 723 871 374
Photo Jeremiah Ngari
Founding member
(+254) (0) 728 068 018
Photo Catherine Kahiga
Founding member
(+254) (0) 728 732 540
Photo Cecilia Kahiga
Founding member
(+254) (0) 717 179 788

Group photo


  Contact Rosemary Kahiga for more details.