K4A - Day of Prayer
30 September 2010: Creating a Modern Day Book of Acts.

Evaluation of this day:

[ Photos of the day

We were 25 people young men and women who have made a choice to make a difference in our country: By showing up, speaking up and acting up. We cannot let the chance of participating in creating a modern day book of acts pass by.

Our event started quite late and we had to decide to do it on 30 September instead of 1 October. If I go into the details of why you will be on the floor by the time I finish. But despite all the odds we kick started a walk around the village of Watamu at 6pm and it took us one hour to get back to the starting point.

The sound team was riding in the van while the rest of us marched all the way to keep up with them. We attracted lots of attention on the way as we were on our beautiful white t-shirts.

Along the way came rains but motivated and vibrant we did not stop. We continued marching and telling the people how important it was to sleep under a treated mosquito net and help eradicate malaria by year 2015.

After the walk we gathered in Hossana city church in Watamu where we showed and discussed the video provided for the event. I had to keep translating, as not everybody in the crowd could understand American English.

Attached hereby are some photos for the event and we will try and upload a video for the same when we edit the recordings.

Rosemary Kahiga

What we wrote earlier:

On 1st of october we will be holding a Day of Prayer event in Watamu. It will be a simple event of about 2-3hrs.

Our plan is to hold a walk round Watamu with banners announcing our vision to a certain destination yet to be confirmed.( either a public hall or a church) where we will show a short movie which has been offered to support the event by World Vision Acts.

After that we wil discuss what role individuals can play in creating a Modern Day Book of Acts, because its in action that results are achieved. Then prayers will be led by different individuals and there after we will as usual be ready for a little body shaking (...Reggea for Jesus...)

Waging War Against Malaria is in support of World Visions goal to completely eradicate malaria from the world by the year 2015.

We have printed t-shirts for the event and if you would like to take part in the event we are requesting you to buy the t-shirt for uniformity purposes at a cost of ksh.400.

Together -you and me- can make a huge difference in the world. That simple prayer made by a genuine heart could make a difference in the world at large. Come join hands with other modern day disciples who are acting to make that difference.

If you are coming from far and would want us to arrange for your accomodation for the night, dinner that night and breakfast the following morning, drop me a note and we can work on that.

Am proud of you guys. You bless my heart.


  Contact Rosemary Kahiga for more details.