K4A - Malaria Awareness Day
13th August 2010 - Malindi (Kenya)

Evaluation of this event:

The event was a huge success, we were able to address many women of that area. Unfortunately we were not able to hand out mosquito nets to all the gathered people. We hope to find more sponsors so that next time we can give all the interested people a mosquito net to protect them in their ongoing battle against malaria.

[ Photos of the day

What we wrote earlier:

Malanga is one of the many locations in Malindi district about 1.5 hrs from Malindi town by car or about 1hr from Kilifi town as you are heading towards Tsavo.

On the said day the area chief has organised for all women in the area to gather for various reasons and we have been requested to go and make a presentation about malaria.

There are only two vehicles in the morning from Malindi town to this area and one in the evening from the same village. Poverty has not spared them either, sometimes they have to walk very long distaces as they cannot afford the transport for those rare vehicles too.

The distance between this place and facilities like medical care and clean water makes it impossible for women in this area to access post-natal care/ante-natal care.

This tells you that most children in this area are born at home. The area chief together with a lady by the name Elisabeth who is building a childrens home in the area are giving us a chance to educate these women on the importance protecting their unborn and born children from being infected by Malaria.

Malaria is preventable, curable and eradicable but the only way to achieve any of these goals is by educating the public on the same.

We are currently working on gathering data for that area and also looking for organisations or individuals who are willing to donate mosquito nets for the event. Our target is to get 1000 treated mosquito nets. Drop us an email for more details regarding donating a net for the event.

Bless you all as you choose to save a life.

  Contact Rosemary Kahiga for more details.